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This map has been making it’s way around the Internet. Supposely based upon real statistical data. It’s interesting, funny and silly all at the same time. Mostly it’s just pointless though. Are they accounting for shrinkage? And just how do they do measure this stuff? Anyway – it’s here for your amusement as well.

At my Friday night event was a nice couple. Fairly young, mid-30’s, been together nearly on 10 years. Nice to chat with as well. I always find one half of the couple is outgoing, flirty. The other usually in the background, looking¬†suspicious. In the homo world it’s tough to tell friend from foe.

Anyways, this couple is embarking on the path to adopt a child and were eager to tell anyone within earshot the legal wrangling that has to happen and which State is good and which State is prehistoric (most of them).  They both make good money, come from good families and by all accounts appear pretty normal.

Big and dumb as I come. My initial reaction to hearing about this adoption was “no way”. Two guys with a little baby. Where is the maternal instinct going to come from? How wacky a life is this kid supposed to endure?

But I thought, a man and woman don’t require any license to have a child and there are plenty of screwed up kids in horrible family situations as it is. So my new couple friends are mounting a huge effort, spending big $$$ and no doubt enduring big emotional swings as they fight the system to enable them to make different. Good for them.

Scrappy Doo Update: Scrappy Doo called me at near on 2 a.m. this morning, he’s out with a bunch of girls, drunk and drunk dialing to tell me “he loves me”. Just what I wanted to hear. We’re going to be implementing strict bedtimes once he gets his lazy ass down to DC.



  1. Here in la-la land (Canada) same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples have been legal for over ten years.

    Every study has indicated that same-sex couples make fantastic parents and that the kids turn out just fine. Check out this recent article on the subject. Given the effort required for a husband-husband combo to actually adopt a child, its not surprising that they would become highly motivated and committed parents.

  2. Did you notice how well South Americans did on the map? LOL better than the USA and Australia

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