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It’s over

I work or did work in the telecom sector. It’s been tough. Sitting here today, I realized it’s over. The boom of telecom is done. Not that it’s not important, just the heyday is now yesterday. It’s the modern day equal to the railroad. In 1947, the US railroads employed 1.5 million people. It was the ‘safe’ job to get. Today, the railroad industry employs just over 200k people. The ‘net is they’re doing more with less. Approximately 42% of anything you buy today at one point rode on a train. Railroads are still important to the US economy, but in terms of the place to work, it ain’t a growth spot.

I’m not a doctor or lawyer, who’s profession is timeless, we always get sick and die and in between we wanna sue someone for fucking us over. Great though perhaps sometimes boring career choices.

It’s been tough. But it is what it fucking is and trying to pretend it ain’t simply is stupid.

You’re welcome to apply that almost any situation you’re in. Homo that you are, get over it and get with it. Move on folks, ain’t nothing to see.┬áBut I do have my wits and 30 years of experience working, I’m a quick learner and can triangulate on the fly and I too, just need to move on, move on to the next thing, whatever that may be.

Last night in Toronto, last night of decent sleep, the purring tiger next to me sleeps.


  1. Chris: So are you saving the juicy details of your time “sleeping” with the tiger pup for posts after you return to the states? We want to know how the relationship continues to evolve and blossom.

  2. Why don’t you become a writer? you are so good at it…drama!

    That is my fall back career.

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