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Image295 Wondering where I’ve been lately, have you now? Well for the past 4 nights – I’ve been in Chicago visiting Prof. Tim. The mere thought of me going to Latino night at local Circuit nightclub sent TC into outer space, so I flew him down and we stayed at Prof. Tim’s and his Mexican partner’s home.

Two queer couples having a weekend together, how f*cking gay can I get. TC charming Prof. Tim and they often disappeared chattering away about god knows what. Saturday, we cruised the Chicago skyline in a friend’s huge boat loaded with Mexicans. Normally, this would have been paradise for me. Unfortunately, the camp boys love TC, the masculine dark meat love him, the fag hags talk about hair with him. I sit perched on the bow drinking myself silly. Geez. TC is slowly ruining my brown game.

The good news – TC and I just are normal together and that despite my continued age concerns, we actually like many of the same things and think similarly. He’s going to pack up and come to Cologne within the next 30 days, we need to be together. Long distance love doesn’t work. It’s a huge commitment from him, his life will be on hold and it’s not like I’m settled.

But no drama, no big emotions, just loads of love.


  1. Oh wonderful… are you going to learn about hair?

  2. He can charm the locals and you can sit back and enjoy your cocktails!

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