Oh my god. Oh my god. Drama drama. I’m so excited. Long term readers will remember that this entire freaking adventure started with a guy named Kenny. Kenny is a lovely brown Australian who used to work at my previous company. I just love Kenny. He’s cute, but no stud boy. He’s just a truly nice warm individual who I fell for after months of talking and meeting.

Kenny got all excited because he had read my previous blog and was upset that he was portrayed in it. He asked me to remove postings about himself and I refused. Kenny politely disappeared from my life. In retrospect, I should have honored his request and this is one of those times (few or many that we all have) that I simply did the wrong thing.  I subsequently apologized, but at the point the damage was done.

I’m not entirely sure how long ago this all happened. It’s now been years. I always send Kenny a birthday email, short, sweet. “Happy Birthday”.  In March he turned 35. Old man. Appears to have found a lovely lady to be married to and living ironically back in Sydney. My message, happy birthday, I’ll be in Sydney next 2 months, hope all is well.

There was no reply until yesterday. Some 90 days later, Kenny sends me an email out of the blue. “Thanks for the greetings, hope you are well, if you want to chat call me {telephone number}”. I replied immediately that I was just short of leaving Sydney and a few emails back and forth and we’ve set tomorrow to have lunch.

I’m not excited, I’m more scared. It is possible to patch things up with someone from so long ago that ended on such a sour note. How do you restart this? I’ll let you know.