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Gay married man coming out story

It’s all about sex

I like Asians. Which was great when I was in DC, cause they’re ain’t none here roaming around. But in Hong Kong, Christ they’re on every corner. Worse, they like me, like a lot and all I can think about is what it would be like to chomp away on one or more of them.

But I have this adorable brown scampering pup who loves me dearly and runs along side me barking and nipping at my heels and who warms the deepest depths of my heart.  Why then are my feelings abounding?

As a married guy, I never really chatted up other guys, never had serious oogle fests. I was a good boy for years and years. So why can’t I return to being a good boy with my brown pup???

I often observed that so many gay-to-gay conversations usually have some sexual references thrown in. He did what to whom with what while who was looking sort of thing. Straight guys rarely talk to each other with that level of graphic content.

But I’m left wondering. Are straight married guys severely repressed? Yes, dear, no dear, I will dear. Trying not to bang their wife’s ass too hard least they wake up the kids. Trying to be respectful to the mother of his children. Having to bang the same dark hole night after night. The bitching, the nagging — all for what. Love? Companionship?

Are we men supposed to be in monogamous relationships for our entire life? Have woman just commanded that these are the rules to access their dark hole and man are just having to play by them? What if men could do what they wanted? What rules would they have?

Perhaps gay men are simply living out the sexuality that all men would want. I catch myself checking out some rice krispy treat, big smile, white white teeth, friendly, warm and wondering come to daddy. It’s just wrong. Or is it?

But back to the 3 boxes of any relationship. Love. Companionship. Sex. Can you fill the first two if you have a rotating door of sexual partners? Perhaps I’m all wrong, I should get a great fag hag to hang with, travel about the world and just bang whatever makes me happy that day. Disposable sex. Some guys will last a day, a week, a month. Dare they get too close, I get rid of them.

Is that the model? Have in fact straight men been living for eons in some type of sexual straitjacket whilst the gays, without normal society rules, found a better path to a happier life?



  1. Did you ever cheat on your wife? if no, why cheat on your male partner? just wondering.

  2. I think nature has programmed men to spread their sperm far and wide. It’s an instinct that is hard to override. I guess it depends on what you value more when you make your choice. If brown puppy is more important to you, then keeping him happy will keep your dick in your pants. Your brain is private though.

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