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It’s a tight game, what can I say

It took United Airlines 10 hours to take me from Washington to Chicago, in theory a direct non-stop flight that yesterday included a scenic stop in St. Louis. Needless to say by the time Prof. Tim collected me at the icy airport, I was in need of a drink.

It’s been 2 weeks since I last saw Chris and you know what I’m horny. Hand party doesn’t do it for me anymore. So off to Sidetrack a great Boystown trendy bar Prof. Tim, his partner and a couple of friends. Place is packed, I disappear from the group. Like an Apache attack helicopter, I fly thru the bar, nap of the earth, target in sight, my launch sequence is set and a cute 21 year Thai pastry chef is losing his virginity again for the upteenth time, tonight courtesy of me.  The whole deal is closed in less than 30 minutes.

It’s 4 a.m. at his apartment and all I wanna do is get out of there. He wants me to go, then stay, suddenly some Asian things comes out of him. He’s all stressed, 10 hour work days for last 10 days, he hates the “happy” Asian that he always is. He’s starting to talk. I don’t give a shit. I’m tired and wanna go back to Prof. Tim.

I look in the mirror, I’m becoming the professional gay guy. Sex for sex. I don’t feel bad this morning, but I hate that I allowed myself this pleasure. I’m totally full of shit in my writings. Typical American, not about how I am, but how I wanna be is the image I write about.

Alcohol was involved and yes that lowered my barriers. But that’s no excuse. I have real people who are willing to have an ongoing real relationship with me and doing this stuff is dangerous and demeaning to me.

So how was your night?

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  1. Will not as exciting as yours……and I don’t alcohol had as much to do with it as testatorome levels……admit it and accept it, you said you’re a horny guy, I guess all you can do is embrase it.

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