This is worth a chuckle, a story I forgot to tell you about. One of William’s best friend’s is Philip. Philip is a white professional mid-30’s, 6’2″, 180 lbs, thinning hair, trim, looks like the avg American guy, you’d have no idea he was gay. Philip always gave me a bad vibe and was always protective of William (like a 40 year old guy needs protecting?). Philip never liked that William and I were together and pretty much made it known.

One night we were all out, it was late, I was a bit liquored up, Philip had been annoying me all night. I wanna go home. Trying to go to my car, Philip keeps screwing with me. I’m pissed now. So I back him up against and wall and tell the MOFO to get off my case. To my surprise, he screams like a girl and runs away yelling to the group that I’m getting ready to kill him(?). I was totally unprepared for this response, I mean he’s guy. I still have lots to learn.

Back to the story, last summer I took a young Indian colleague, Aaskesh, to dinner (I thought he was gay). Well, chatting recently with William, Aaskesh’s name rang a bell with him. A few emails later, turns out Philip had dated Aaskesh.

The sadness is how small the gay community is (you’d think in Washington, DC it would be huge), it’s like watching an episode of “Green Acres”. I’m hesitant to think what the situation is in a small town. 🙁