The lady in the UK whose comment I’d posted hasn’t replied to the email I’d sent, though she’s still visiting this blog. I didn’t expect her to answer. She was anger & hurt, I don’t know what her husband had done but clearly he was following in my tracks. We both seemed to have little regard for our partner’s feelings and totally consumed with ourselves, which added more fuel to her fire.

Well, let me help her understand men. We’re dogs. Truly. Left to our own devices, we would wander around with no regard to others, doing as we please, when we please and with whom we please and just as easily glide on to the next situation. No conscience, no regrets. Women would be much better served to simply avoid men except for breeding purposes, we are the source of continuing heartburn.

If my wife came home with the revelation she’s screw’d around. Death would certainly be an option. For her, not me. I would have zero tolerance for infidelity. Yet, I expect her to “understand” my sexual needs, be compassionate, helpful, a lifelong friend. I should be writing for daytime television with this kind of drama. What rubbish.

So dear lovely lady in the UK, much as you love your husband, you’ve got a bad one on your hands, throw his clothes out on the lawn, close the bank accounts, get a lawyer and tell all your neighbors about your faggy ass man. F*ck him that one last time and make it hurt good. You’ll feel better.

You see had that happened to me, we’d both be well on the road to recovery right now. Instead we’re in this “what do we do” mode. Yes, she’d of made the decision for me. But someone needed to make a decision and I’m too much of a pussy to do the right thing. Woman is truly a greater species than man.

P.S. I hope you feel better