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I know I'd said I'd stay on topic. But this is just too funny not to pass along.

The other night I hurried home after the chance encounter with Ryan and TC in the same bar. I realize the gay world is small, but I'm not comfortable with TC and a guy I cheated on Chris with in the same bar. Call me a coward, I accept the badge. Well, TC comes home an hour later all happy, seems he fired up a conversation with Ryan, who is "not a bad guy" and they're going to go out together for drinks again next week. I can't win for losing.

The next morning, TC at breakfast, is eying me suspiciously. WHAT? You wanna tell me what of your other flames has been emailing you? Hummmmm. So the reality is that Richard, a 22 yo black guy I had meet in Chicago in June 2007 had sent me an email just the the other day, I'd read it on my Blackberry but hadn't responded yet.

Basically, Richard had stood me up in Chicago in July 2007 and I'd not spoken with him since. Richard, of late, had concluded I was actually a very nice guy and he should have been nicer to me and was apologizing. Fucking aye, right, nice I'm downright wonderful.

Well, I figure for the sake of FULL disclosure, I'd let TC read the email on my laptop, so I fired it up, clicked on the email and sure enough there was the message. Unfortunately, in addition to the message, Richard had also enclosed five nude photos of himself (which didn't appear on the Blackberry, sic).

TC is immediately on the ceiling hissing and clawing. I'm back pedaling like Richard Nixon on Watergate. Well after TC calmed down he saw that I hadn't corresponded with Richard since June 2007 so email date stamp was my saving grace

BTW Richard has a lot to offer and we'll just leave it at that 🙂


  1. Been there done that. Dated a guy for a few months, who kept snooping on my email. Well, needless to say, I was not a virign when I met him and not a virgin when I dated him (sorry, he just wasn’t all that, if you know what I mean). Well, sure enough, he checked date stamps, and all that crap, and eventually he found what he considered “unforgivable” evidence of my wandering eyes. Well, anyways, I finally got to check HIS email, and I found out the guy was a SeX ADDICT. No bullshit, here was this guy checking up on me, accusing me, wanting to know who I emailed, who I did not, and he was FUCKING AROUND ON ME ALL THE TIME. Got myself checked for STDs, kicked the fuck-wad out of my life, and promised myself NEVER to date the suspicious type again– they are the ones who are cheating and therefore checking — it’s called projecting. Anyways, not that wonderful TC is projecting. I’m sure he is as pure as the white is snow (or is it as brown as ?????)

  2. A lot to offer huh…..I’ll just bet. So do you trust Ryan?

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