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Is this it?

End of the month I make the move out to the suburbs. The cold dark suburbs. I did it to save money, likely going to be traveling a fair amount in the new year. I went to the airport and after enduring a bit of probing by our federal government, I am now officially a “trusted passenger”. Which basically means I can skip the passport lines when entering the country. So much for standing in line behind the guy with the chicken.

I am feeling the holiday blues. The normal pace of work slows down. The thought of moving out of my little box sends a shiver down me. But a box is a box and the money saved easily pays for a trip someplace. Or maybe money into a college fund, fix something in my house, or how about just keeping it in the bank

Prof. Tim and a friend is coming to visit. Take in the sights, might as well while I’m close to the city. They’ll want to go hit all the gay bars, sniff at the local produce, but frankly I think I’ve passed that stage. Homos don’t seem all that frightfully interesting to me anymore. The novelty has worn off. Perhaps I’m entering a new stage. Perhaps I’m bored

TC will follow shortly there after, he’s coming for New Year’s eve. It will be our first together. I’m excited but not because it’s a holiday. I’m excited to have the brown snow tiger. He will yip about the new place, organize a few things, and like all tigers, circle about a few times before declaring fit for his roosting.

So why the gray period? I suspect many men hit this. I’m simply bored and uninterested, or is it uninterested and bored. I wonder aloud if this is it. Is this all that’s meant to be. I am a difficult creature to keep contented. Mind roaming miles ahead of me. Is this really all there is too it?

It ‘s like an IKEA store. I get lost in the place. But there is a flow to this river ride, ┬áit bends and swerves and there on the bank is something new to take in. It comes so fast, you quickly forgot what you had just seen a moment a go. But like any log flume ride, it spits you at registers and just as soon as it began, the ride is over.

I think I need the brown tiger to continue my journey. Where is he?


  1. Chris: Isn’t Single Guy coming home to DC for the holidays? You can meet up with him again and he can give you gay dating pointers and tips on how to make gay friends.

  2. I’ll cheer you mate!!!! I’ll be there on Monday!!!

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