February 2007 nearing end of month – It’s been pretty distressing to watch the struggles my wife has. The emotional range changes like the weather. She doesn’t have many close friends. She’s been writing down her feelings in a notebook. It’s now many pages long. Probably a good outlet, similar to my blog, only more private.

I make the suggestion that she consider getting her own therapist. She reluctantly agrees. I’ve got 3 therapists going, it’s now amounting to a Mercedes monthly lease payment. If it helps pull this together, then it will be worth it. Unfortunately, it’s seems to be consuming a fair amount of time. It’s becoming apparent that therapy can be a life long obsession, if you allow it, these guys are indeed running a business and don’t want to see any client (or should I say patient) leave them. But at some point, continuing to stare at your navel and contemplating what that piece of lint means isn’t useful.

We’re not at that point yet.