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Is it working for you?

If you’re a newly minted homo, you’ve likely been out patrolling around on the Internet for stories, people, experiences and I’m happy you popped in to visit. If you click around long enough you quickly get the idea that a bunch of wacky stuff is going on. People do indeed do the damndestĀ things and engage in the most crazy of relationships.

Of course what I’m doing is 100% correct, lucky that I take pity on you. Along the way I’ve seen people in loveless, sexless, cheating, strange, co-dependent, humiliating, long distance, older/younger, younger/dead relationships of all sorts. Of course I feel compelled to comment on each one I notice. But the reality, if it works for you, it works. Screw everybody else. So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and why ever you’re doing it. I hope you’re happy.

The key obviously is happiness. But how do you define that? What level do you need? Best guess, no matter how happy you are, you’re probably game to be a little happier (more pills help). Thus we all walk around a tad empty, some unpressed button inside. If we fixate on that too long, we tend to forget what we actually have going for us. But that’s human nature.

My happy meter is kinda of low. The brown tiger is missing and he makes me happy. He calls around the clock (I had to put him to bed again last night, I’ll be singing nursery rhymes before the end of the year). So that’s my focus. I’m forgetting the things that are going right.


  1. Chris – you’re so snarky some times, I love it. You’ll be OK, you know what you want, you’re formulating a plan, setting the wheels in motion, keeping an eye on the ultimate prize – your beloved Tiger.

  2. Happiness…so hard to find….some find it in a pill….in great sex….others write about it:) I’m glad you found it….brown tiger!

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