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Introductory Drama Queen: 101

A few weeks ago, I was reading the blog, My Secret Journey”. It was a nice enough man, married with kids who was confronting some sort of deep gay element of his life. I didn’t just read some of the postings. I read all of them.

His writing style was a bit jerky. He would start to explain something about what he was thinking then nearly mid-sentence change topics “had to take my daughter to school today”. It was like he was trying to say something. Something important, something he wanted to say but couldn’t.

Leave it to me and my cattle prod bedside manner. I left a comment, not mean spirited, but one asking him “why are you writing and what are you trying to say, because you’re saying nothing, but yet you appear to have something to say”.  I turned, pawed some dirt over the dump I’d taken and continued my walk. Well my comment obviously upended him so much that he deleted my comment and took nearly 2 weeks to write a new posting still nursing his wounds. I chuckled as I read his teary posting on how some bad man, said bad things and hurt his feelings. He’s going to make a great homo.

But he is writing and he is trying to tell his story and for that I applaud him. It’s not me who needs to set his pace. One of my biggest learned lessons from this entire blog is do what you think is right and don’t look back, don’t worry about what others think or say, keep close and value those that you care for and the remember the rest are merely dust mites that float by in the breeze.

I’m sorry I hurt his feelings, but I’m sorry for a long list of other things, I just don’t know where I last left it.


  1. I wondered who the mean old gay guy was who criticized the writing style of ‘My Secret Journey.’ Funny! You should consider a career change and become an old spinster school marm, tsk-tsking and wagging your finger at everyone.

  2. I’m sorry you hurt his feelings too, but that’s hilarious. It’s the German juggernaut in you.

  3. Always the mean American! LOL…

  4. Oh, but I remmber many of my comments you deleted…. for the very same reason (your feelings were hurt), and I was banned. Life is a bitch, ain’t it? Rob

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