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Gay married man coming out story

Interesting article

New York Magazine has this interesting article on the story of a married guy on the “down low” now utilizing as his primary vehicle to get guys. Thanks to a reader for commenting on this article.

Just back from Austin, took my straight friend Paul into Rain last night. Rain, in Austin, is the trendy DC Halo equal. What a great place, nicely decorated, huge, friendly people. DC just doesn’t have anyplace even near this quality. As I travel, truly disappointed in the available venues local to me. Bitch bitch. Nonetheless, I immediately hone in on a friendly latino guy – classic for me, great hair, beautiful eyes, easy manner, late 20’s, cute, he’s clearly a regular, approachable. I wanna cowboy for Christmas.

Paul & I both talking to him, like a shark, I start circling, evil thoughts in my mind. We’d been drinking margaritas all night. Paul leans over, “WTF are you doing?”. Stay away, an animal needs to be fed. But he’s right, WTF am I doing? Leo, my friend to be, is from LA and explaining about how emotionally insecure gay guys are with Paul. I’m still thinking. Should I, could I.

I pull away and the darknesss of night envelops me. No, I’m going to be good. Why, I don’t know, but I’m going to be.

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  1. So why is pulling away “good”…..he’s aware that you’re from out of town and it’s a one night stand……is that all bad?

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