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It’s 8.30 a.m. and I’m stuffed into an airline seat on a full plane. I struggle with the stupid flight attendants who announce “we have a very full flight today“. WTF does that mean? A plane can only be in two states. Full or not full. ¬†When they start shoving little Asians in the overhead bins, then I’ll let them say it’s a “very full flight”.

This describes my overall mentality. It either is or it isn’t. I like to keep things simple. Right now I isn’t doing. The holidays are approaching and my aging parents are asking questions and I isn’t answering them the way I’d like to. I have a brown tiger who I readily admit that for each night we miss together, it’s a night I won’t ever recover.

I isn’t enjoying travel. Another airplane, another city, another rental car, another boring dinner, another hotel room, another night away from the people I love and it’s a bit like my life stops. But my life timer keeps on ticking. Isn’t that great?

There is a daily grind to life, we all have one. Some people work like slaves, simply because they don’t know any better, eager to reach some finish line called death. Others simply have no idea what to do with their lives, too stupid to know any better. A rare few do what they dream about, I envy those people. Me, the vortex of life has caught me, need to pay bills, do whatever it takes to continue the cash machine. I isn’t enjoying it much.

This week will slide by, another 3,200 airlines miles, some hotel points and a Outlook calender entry. Please inspire me to do better, I know I can.


  1. Chris,
    Your most recent posts make it absolutely, 1000%, clear that you know exactly what you want and what you need to do to get there. You and TC need to commit to a commitment and then it’s just a matter of execution. I know the devil is in the details but you guys keep dancing around a real commitment to each other when it’s obvious it’s what you both want. Your wife knows the full situation, your kids seem well adjusted, no suggestions,however, for the parental situation but there’s the old band-aid analogy you used at the beginning. What are the “real” road blocks to your happiness with him?

    Go re-read Chapter 19 of Renewal.

  2. Chris: You always talk about being direct, not playing games. Just tell your parents already.

  3. What is it about planes these days? they all seem to be “full.” All my flights are…I found a typo in your post! LOL

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