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Things getting to me. In the office yesterday. I’m bored. So I string up a bunch paperclips, put them across my doorway and hang a sign on the front. The sign says “Closed for Repairs, coming soon a whole new Chris”. It’s  high enough so I can wheel my Razor Scooter out in the event a free lunch is somewhere in the building.

Next door, my other colleague is busy downloading “Star Trek” sound files for his mobile phone. I’m having a 70’s moment. He’s playing them over and over again. Phaser, transporter, photon torpedos all echoing from his office.

The guy across the hall, throws up his hands in disgust, writes out his own sign, “I work in a zoo” and hangs it up.

The CEO wandering down the hallway, looks at me at and my colleagues sign. “I don’t wanna know”, shaking his head, turns and retreats.

I know the feeling. I don’t wanna know either. Just call me when it’s over.

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  1. love the sign. i need to try that.

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