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Wherever I go, I always see a gaggle of homos in some clutch of friends, all staying in tight formation, least an intruder enters the fray. But away from the group, they’re individually on, or countless others sites looking for love. Unfortunately, I hear far too often that love or even a meaningful relationship is illusive to them.

Gay man often have long lists of “must haves” in the guy of their dreams. They’re  quickly dismissive of someone who is too old, too young, too tall, too fat, not the right background, history, cultural upbringing. The sword of ” not my type” is yielded often. Let me see, you have a long list, you rarely get a hit and when you do it’s generally a bungled relationship. Now how is that working for you again?

Single in the City admitted he likes these geeky pasty emotionless guys (I should stop with the list of qualifications now before I get sick on my stomach), but yet these same guys don’t feed SIC with the emotional nurturing he needs (you need Miracle Grow to keep him fed). So in the midst of our many winged discussions, I put forth that gay men should adopt Indian arranged marriages.

Get your gaggle of friends to meet with other gaggle of friends to sort out whether each prospect is worthy of the other. Initial engagements are carefully monitored and chaperoned (each dick staying in it’s owner’s respected garage). You don’t get any say in the matter, if we think Bill is the right dude for you, well get your PJ’s ready cause Bill’s gonna be your mate.

Think about it. Guys are horny, they’ll fuck or let fuck just about anybody given enough time and isolation (check the ‘sex’ box). Your friends can almost guarantee that the ‘companionship’ box is checked. Love? Who the hell needs love, but if someone has been dorking your rear end for a couple of years and you like being with them, well, some sort of love will emerge. Hot? Probably not. But love nonetheless.

I think it’s a brilliant idea (funny how I believe all my ideas are brilliant). Maybe it’s a new concept? Gay arranged marriage (your mother will need to be involved). Let me know what you think? Could be a new business. SIC as a wedding planner.


  1. Love the idea, now all you need is a proper chaperone so that the first few dates get off on the right foot (I hereby apply for the job).

  2. Science supports your idea. I recently read a story in a science magazine that showed that men decided in 0.6 seconds when they found someone UNattractive. The decision that someone was attractive took far longer. Men are wired to be negatively selective.

    In another study, it was shown that love is indeed blind. When a man truly falls for a mate he honestly believes she or he is much more attractive than what others think. The reason for this is that the more we come to know someone, the more we see their inner beauty and that changes how we see their outer beauty. It’s similar to the phenomenon that always makes your own baby cuter than anyone else’s.

    In a third study it was shown that the smaller the dating pool is, the greater the chance a long-term connection will develop. That may seem counter-intuitive but what the researchers found was that too many options caused indecisiveness and confusion. Fewer choices made it easier to pick one and make a go of it.

    So yes, it’s no wonder that gay men all over the word continually bitch about never finding love. They have too many options, they’re too selective and have a natural tendency to reject rather than accept, and, they don’t take the time necessary to get to know someone and fall for their inner beauty.

    Arranged marriages really would be an ideal solution.

    Good luck making those happen.

  3. Great idea. I’ve always wanted to be a wedding planner! I will plan you and your man’s wedding…that is if Sydney does not break you up:) Sometimes you sound so wise then I remember you’re only 5 in gay years.

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