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I’m turning in

At 12:05 p.m. the ICE train from the Frankfurt Airport pulls into the Cologne Main Train Station and out emerges Prof. Tim towing what must be the largest piece of luggage I've ever seen. Queers don't travel lightly. Looking haggard and worn from the 9 hour flight from Chicago, Prof. Tim professes a need for a cat nap and an early night, he might he ventures make it until 9 p.m. before falling dead asleep.

Image319 Yeah right, at 4 a.m. he and Toronto Chris finally turn off the TV in the living room and TC comes up to bed after returning from a college boys night club, the Wednesday Pink Triangle event, packed to the rafters with all sorts of eye candy. So much for the early evening. I was happily the oldest person in the venue. Prof. Tim is just giddy, he's run into a handful of Latinos and had fun chattering away. TC has gotten trashed and in his drunken state stumbles over to chat up the most adorable twink creature I've seen. Jim and I had been cautiously eying him for awhile. You can see how sweet the cutie is as he politely chats over the noise with TC. But I have other things more serious looming on my mind.

TC has been all up in my hair about "what am I going to do?". I wish I had an easy answer for him, the answer is not apparent to myself either. I don't have my usual playbook with me. He's trying to stick with me, but my uncertainty creates uncertainty for him. He chatters on and on, it raises my stress level and no doubt his own. But neither of us have the ready answer at hand. It's a pointless conversation. He wants information and I just don't have any.

We're off to London early tomorrow, I'm going meet with the GM of our European entity for lunch. The purpose – figure out what I'm going to do 2009. He emailed me today, I can return to the US and clearly some role would emerge, I can return to London or I can stay in Germany – whatever I want. Easy set of choices, sadly the answer just doesn't leap from the page.


  1. If the answers were easy life would be also….I think you’ve figured that one out by now.

  2. How did TC find your blog by googling you? I’ve googled dates, friends, acquintances, collegues, but to do so you need their full name. You don’t have your real name on this blog, so how did he do it? He must have more info. than you realize. Just curious. How was London?

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