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I’m the TV character you just love to hate

“This is my blog and I’ll do whatever I damn well please”, said the captain. I write the truth as it happens and what’s on my mind. That’s the point of a blog, right? Sometimes I contradict myself, overplay my hand, appear very smart or very stupid. But I write on, the story line continues.

I appreciate all the comments and as long as they’re well intended and you post with a consistent name and valid email, I’m cool. That’s why I allow comments. If you change your name every time, get personal or just silly. Well – I’m gonna block you. You can’t hide on the Internet, so don’t try. I know more about you than you know about me.

The purpose of the blog is to document this process, my process, it’s personal. I hope someone else in the world who finds themselves in a similar predicament stumbles up this and in some tiny way, is helpful to them. I’ll stop writing when I think my journey is over. Days I wish it were already.


  1. I don’t hate you…I am just another nameless woman who has been hurt by a selfish man. I know what it is like to be on the other end of the sword.

  2. I envy you !!! Take life and make it work for you because if you can you are one of the lucky ones

  3. I keep waiting for you to blok me. But basically it’s just tough love. I do care and hope you find happiness.

  4. To Sherah:
    I guess you missed the whole point of the blog. How is he selfish? Lol-he came out in his 40’s! So spent most of his life while some of us enjoy it and are ourselves, benig someone he wasn’t.
    You know; I wish someone would raise the issue of the women who stay in these relationships and have no spine. My mother was a feminist and taught me a lot. I have great respect for her and through adversary and hardship; she grew and developed as a human being instead of whining and blaming everyone else but herself. She has no room for self pity and was one of the most open minded people I know.
    Maybe you need to get over it and learn to understand that life unfortunately isn’t black and white.

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