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The BMW 750il is barreling down a cold Conneticut interstate heading for Boston on this wintery morning. Dan, a business associate, and I are in the back, his Columbian driver is silent and I busy myself reading the New York Times as Dan explains the merits of his 4-hour work week program while demonstrating the heated and air conditioned seats of the limo. Dan blows my mind. No matter how well you think you're doing, someone else is gonna be doing better.

The BMW pulls up to the chic downtown restaurant, I step out into the 5F air, lucky I'm only 10 feet from the entrance. Money does have privileges. Dan has organized a meeting with a potential investor in my new crazed idea. Daddy needs to focus on money, enough on the homo front.

Back home, my 25 yo Tiger Cub can't fathom what his "Papa" does for a living, but he's discovered World Market and been busy accessorizing the apartment. He's got flowers, candles and other scented shit all of the place. Tiger Cub spent 2 hours picking out sheets for the bed.

For the inauguration, we head into the gayborhood for a drink, JRs a mainstay in the gay DC scene. It may be Sunday night, but there's a line-up to get in. I'm going along, TC wants a night out. I wish I had someone like Prof. Tim (Chicago) to hang out with in DC, but TC immediately notes I'd probably go back into whore mode.

He's probably right, need to be happy being the kept man I am.

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  1. Awwe that’s lovely. Him making it homely for you.
    Antony x

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