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I’m still here

How is Chris doing? Gee, I thought you'd never ask. I'm doing OK, thanks for the concern, how are you?

I keep wondering how this story is gonna turn out and hence I keep writing to document it all. The rules thus far are amazingly simple, be honest, be honest with yourself and those you encounter along the way. Don't put up with the crappy people, but invest in those who you respect and who respect you. Live, try things out, the gay life is new and different, but remember U-Turns are legal. Try not to hurt anyone along the way.

I've certainly made my share of mistakes, we all have, but sometimes its not about "how" you got there but that you simply "got" there.

I've come clean to my wife about TC almost all the lurid details and sadly the two of them are likely to have more fun together than with me. I'm not cool (as Eduardo once told me, he still rattles me, TC's fur raises at his mere mention) but luckily cool people like me.

I've become comfortable that anyone who enters my life will find two sons and a ex-wife in their social circle and if that's not for them, it's what I've got on tap. TC has already met my two sons and while the youngest found him a "bit fruity" (his own words), he's my fruit of choice and my son understands it makes Dad happy and so he's OK with that. TC is doing fine.

People write me, in various stages of their own experience, sadly their stories aren't always so fun. But they, I hope, will find peace in time. William had said his own "coming out" was the most tortuous period of his life, despite being young & single. My own situation more complex? Not really, I took a lot of detours. Skip some steps yourself.

Now with a bit of hindsight, things should have been clearer, certainly would have been easier. But we live and learn. I move on, you should too.

Did I mention Eduardo, awwww, damn, now I'm gonna have to go dig up some more cute Latino pictures?


  1. You are a good guy Chris. You’ll sort it out. It will be a journey but you will get there…remember you are just a teenager in gay you’ll grow up! Enjoy the brown meat…you should try Brazil!

  2. Still here, still reading.

  3. Best I can tell, you’ve been at this “new” gay thing off and on for two years (mostly on, best I can tell). When does it stop being this “new” gay thing? When does it simply get to be, I am what I am, and that’s what I am? Life’s a bitch ain’t it? You’ll get there, but seems like you need to get the propeller out a bit. You seem to be stuck. (See your last few poss, they are all the same — “recaps” of your life. Should you not stop “recapping” and move on?)

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