I’m talking with a gay doctor, mid 30’s, nice looking guy, clearly intelligent, professional in private practice, long term live-in boyfriend. Seemingly all signs pointing to just a normal guy.

That is until he drops the line during conversation, “… and my therapist says …”. He mentions this like he’s thinking of cooking steaks on the grill tomorrow night. I don’t stop to question him about this, but am  thinking, “what’s wrong with you?”. I mean, I know I’m a nut job, but him, I don’t see it.

I’ve skimming a couple of books on gay relationships. For the most part it’s pretty basic, “don’t call your boyfriend a cheating whore slut, if you want a good relationship” kind of stuff. I’m concluding is gay guys have a twist to their DNA and how they manage relationships,  I need to figure it out. It’s not bad, it’s just different from those I can remember with previous girlfriends. I used to get torn up when a guy played one of their cards on me, but now, I understand it’s simply their way of dealing and protecting themselves.

What’s clear is everyone has a story on how they got here and getting over that can be a long and drawn out process.