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I’m really a nice guy

Despite what you might think, I’m not a horrible person, I do like to ask questions that no one likes to answer. But overall I think I’m a nice guy.

Case in point, over 5 years ago I was newly homo’d and getting my feelings hurt by the bizzaros who populate this/that world. I was in DC and active on looking for love in what I thought was all of the right places. One extremely brief encounter was a young Asian (call me surprised) Canadian (ok surprised again) who was active in the TV community. We had met on and corresponded a bit and he’d finally agreed to meet for a coffee early one evening.

We met for the short coffee, he was very uncomfortable (more so than even me), didn’t say much and quickly made his exit. No everyone is a winner and I never heard from him again.  About 2 years ago, I added him on one of the professional networking sites and he accepted.  I’ve sent him an occasional note via this site whenever he’s posted some serious update (he’s now in China ironically enough). Mostly a “congratulations, hope you are well” sort of note and of the type I send to hundreds of my contacts on a regular basis (homo or not).

About a week ago, I get a message (via the networking site) from him asking for my personal email address that he had something personal to discuss. I reply with the info wondering what the hell this could be about (with homos you never know).

A day or 2 later, I get this long email from him. The ‘net is he was quite taken by me in our single little coffee (I am an Asian magnet after all) and always appreciated my notes. I tense up waiting for the punch line.

He goes on about how he’s fallen madly in love with one of his work colleagues. This work colleague isn’t sure how homo they are (just yet) and my friend has been sniffing around him looking for ways to out him and capture his heart. Well he was somewhat successful, his work colleague, while not admitting any desire to suck cock, started dating some little twink (not my friend). But my friend has beaten out of his work colleague that they’ve not done any dirty deed just year and nothing is certain. The anchor dropped when he found out his work colleague is planning a trip to Thailand and he just knows his work colleague is gonna bang the little twink senseless.

I’m still waiting for the punch line. My friend goes on how he is heartbroken and very upset about this and details how all Asian guys are so immature and bla bla bla. OK so where do I fit into this non-stop homo drama, I ponder? He writes about how nice and considerate I was (yeah I was for sure but not no mo tho) and how he wanted to talk to me about this and how he would be visiting Hong Kong in the next weeks.

Why in god’s name would you spill your personal guts to some nicely aging but still doable white dude who you haven’t seen in 5 years and who you’ve known for approximately 30 minutes? There must be another angle to this, perhaps I should run for the hills now but curiosity has me.

He arrived in Hong Kong and sent me a text message saying he wanted to get together on Monday night (tonight) and I’ve agreed so I’m sure there is a page 2 of this story

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  1. There is definitely a page two and it involves a lot of drama. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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