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I arrived home yesterday afternoon to find TC holed up in the bathroom for what I assume is a couple of hours taking a bubble bath. I rap at the locked door, "Whatja doing in there Tiger?". A soft "thinking about things" comes a reply, then silence.

Image324 A while later, he putters out, not saying anything. Obviously, I've done something. Let me think, the list of things I do wrong is long. Aaaha. "Baby did you read my blog entry about the hispanic guy I have the hots for in DC?". Silience. Let me take that as "yes". He disappears into another room and I quickly follow. Well? "Chris you can write whatever you want in your blog, it's not my business". I thought you weren't going to read it any more? More silence.

TC is jealous. He's jealous about someone I haven't seen in over a year and took to dinner exactly once. I did have a hot makeout session with him though (that I remember well). The reality, I have a lot more mileage with TC and he shouldn't be the least bit concerned.

But TC is jealous. I'm like a boat tied to a dock, I float away a bit, the line suddenly tightens, halting me and I drift back in. That's how relationships are, forever an ebb and flow. To some degree its' good, it encourages you to talk about things and we do. But we have bigger things to talk about and we will.

An for my hispanic friend, Eduardo, he's all proper, he'd expect me to be loyal to him in a relationship and no doubt respects I'm in a relationship. But me .. ah .. Latin love. I feel the line tightening, good thing TC keeps me chained up out back. 🙂


  1. I’m going to give TC a stun gun and a can of mace to ensure you behave out back on your chain. Good doggy.

  2. TC knows he has nothing to worry about. He’s head and shoulders above Eduardo.

  3. TC doesn’t know anything of the sort Don……he’s a jealous person, not a nice tract. Jealousy will ruin any relationship. Chris you guys need to work hard on this one or you’ll get pissed off in the end.

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