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I’m not too smart

So when I’m pissed with TC, I call my paw’y Indonesian friend who leaps into action at the mere thought of getting in my pants (which ain’t gonna happen). So a quick Malaysian dinner and we’re at my favorite Asian bar, bottle of wine in hand.

Philippino guy sits down next to us. I don’t pay him much mind. Not that he’s unattractive, just doesn’t catch my attention.  I’m far too busy ooogling a Japanese girlie-boy, I fall for great hair and face features every time, sic.

But it’s a slow Tuesday night so I start chatting with the Philippino. He’s 30 and a surgical nurse, a nice body, he clearly works out, friendly smile. I’m still not hooked. We keep talking. He’s broken up with his boyfriend of 18 months and meeting a friend. Doesn’t like to go out much, happy staying at home cooking and just enjoying life.

I’m suddenly struck that he’s just a nice guy. He’s not camp or girlie, not much drama happening, just a gay guy trying to get on with leading a responsible life. I decide to drop the mother load on him, the whole, I’ve been married, 2 kids, house in the suburbs and my Honda mower story. I wanna see how he reacts. Just for good measure, I throw in how sick I am of all the gay antics and sexual themes, over emotions and basically any other sh*t I can throw out about the gay world that I don’t like (reads like War n’ Peace).

Well, he’s just awe struck. We chatted onwards and I realize he was looking for many of the same things I was and equally as off put by all things gay. Prof. Tim has trained me well, leave when you are ahead! I got his phone number, left the bar and text’d him later that night. He replied warmly. So we’re working on going out in the next week or so and I’m sure we will have a nice evening.

So I guess I need to be careful dismissing people who aren’t my type per sec and try to keep one’s eyes open, something interesting could happen by.


  1. Trust me, it’s incredible to find that the most amazing guys are often the ones you don’t think are your “type”! I have become a lot more open of recent times because you just can’t pick it! 🙂

  2. If you do go out next week with this guy, promise me one thing…….you won’t take TC with you like you did to the “Village Drinks”.
    Whether you decide that TC stays or goes is up to you just make sure that he doesn’t control your emotions as much as he has. It would have been alright for him to do so if he had opened himself up to you in any real way. The only time I see him do this is when you show someone else attention.
    Keep him for however long you want but do it on your terms.
    Be happier.

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