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Gay married man coming out story

I’m not in Toronto for PRIDE :-(

It’s Pride weekend in Toronto and I’m not there. Pity. Above 50% of Toronto population isn’t¬†originally¬†from Canada and there is no shortage of brown, rice krispy snacks and polite white guys to keep me busy for a lifetime. TC has no interest in me learning about any of this though. Banned as I may be from the gayborhood.

Nonetheless, he’s out for the night, protected by his best girlfriend and her boyfriend. Calling me every 15 minutes mad because he’s seen some boy whose “just my type”. Just a tad tipsy at midnight, he’s telling me some guy is hitting on him. “He told me I had beautiful brown eyes”, TC purrs. You do have beautiful eyes, now get your brown ass home before you get into trouble, I command. He calls later from home, slooshed into his bed. Good night.

It’s the Fourth of July weekend, hot n’ muggy and electronic is the way to score. At 2 p.m. MFM on Craigslist has over 600 postings! A record. It’s like reading Ann Landers for me. All sorts of crazy. A man has a photo of himself says he is “seeking a nice Latino boy who would like to find a very nice, attractive older man(65) for serious live-in relationship. I prefer a boy under 35 and am especially attracted to shorter boys – I am 5’6″”. I don’t qualify.

I endure.

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  1. Craigs list is that good heh?? so I should not be looking for a DC boyfriend on

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