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Gay married man coming out story

I’m making progress, this will be interesting

Was depressed the other night and called a friend to meet on short notice at Halo. Bunch of things had gotten me down (I’ll report on this later) and needed to get out. He agreed and I threw on something inviting and down the street I went. Drink in hand, I’m relaxing and a super stylish guy comes in, I’d seen him before weeks ago, attractive, but perhaps too cool for me (as Eduardo has pointed out, I’m not cool).

Long & short, stupid me, I manage to start talking to him. Turns out he is indeed super cool, does on-air hosting for a major youth oriented TV network (think 3 letters), apartment in NYC and DC, loves older guys, very ambitious, high energy, type-a and is all of 29. We exchange telephone numbers and he disappears into the night. Thinking that will be it.

He texts me that it was nice to meet and actually had seen me before and had come in to try and talk with me. Nice, I’ll use that line later, I think. The next day he calls me 10x and sends 25 text messages, I’ve told him my whole story, we talked about a bunch of stuff. Whole website dedicated to him and I watch some of his videos on YouTube. He’s real alright. I’m traveling right now, but he’s clawing to go to dinner this weekend. Last night, he had his sister’s kids but came by my apartment to just say hi (along with 3 kids in tow). That was sweet.

He’s clearly a smooth operator, he’s chasing me at full power. I like it though I can see a lot of me in his actions, I can handle it. Not sure where this is going to end up, but based upon my last experiences, it’s really nice to feel wanted, great constant communication and not a lot of pretense. 


  1. What is your secret???!!

  2. ok buddy tell me your secret…sounds great, seems to sound like a nice guy…kids in tow and all that was a cute move on his part….you must let us know how this all comes out…:)

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