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I’m happily married, but my wife isn’t

It’s U.S. Thanksgiving and for the first time my divorced mother & father, my brother, his bitch wife (a flight attendant whose mere presence is a reminder as to why I don’t travel on U.S. carriers anymore) and their 2 kids are all descending on my house for a “family” celebration. To complete the ensemble, we’ve invited another family to join us today as well. The biggest question confronting me is whether 8.30 a.m. is too early to start drinking?

The home environment is deteriorating rapidly. My wife in tears the other night. She’s mad at all things and is the kind who spends far too much time worrying about decisions she made in the past. Like you can undo the past? Where is that website, I wanna place an order.

The sensitive 12 year old is in full radar sweep mode. He smells something is wrong and has flipped out a couple of times, anger, crying, hostility (he is so much like my wife). He’s also at an awkward age of being a kid and a teenager. We played Wii Sports the other night and it’s a bonding experience, seemed like old times. We all want something back.

The reality, I’m starting to believe my presence here is making things worse. I’m getting airborne next Saturday and disappear into Europe. I need alone time to think.

In the midst of all this is TC who I’ve decided to firewall off from these personal details. He doesn’t need to know. It has nothing to do with him. You clearly see I’m hoping that we can have some form of relationship. I don’t expect it to be forever. I need him right now. I need the peace, solitude and calm that he brings over me.

Out and about in Toronto, I noticed I didn’t check out other guys. I was perfectly content with Chris. He was the focus of my attention. God awful isn’t it.


  1. Try to have a happy thanksgiving.
    And yes, 8:30 is too early to start drinking.You don’t want to antagonise your wife more.
    I hope you escape ok from the family meals and all.
    May Europe bring you solitude and some sorta calm.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving mate. I hope things will sort themselves out…and in the end things do work out usually for the best…some times you have to end relationships even if it is painful in order to find better ones.

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