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I’m full of useless data

40% of U.S. marriages end in divorce at some point.  Not surpisingly, divorce is more likely in the first 10 years of marriage and declines thereafter. Educated people are less likely to get divorced than those without a college degree. Second (& third marriages) are also more suspect to divorce. Interesting, the divorce rate has actually declined since the 1970’s.

You’d think the “Honey, I’m gay” line would be sure fire way to end your marriage, but that’s not happening in my case. Unfortunately, as I troll the internet I find other folks similar to me who spent years winding themselves out of a marriage, the bond just isn’t that easy to break. Christmas came off without a hitch, just a normal suburban holiday.

My mobile chirping away yesterday, my two Mexican friends (the 1st & 2nd guys I’d slept with, but who had disappeared) sending me text message wishing me a Merry Christmas. I’d written them off, but in two short lines on what I know is an expensive (for them) to send, a lifeline of sorts. It’s the thought that counts and I wonder what & why they were thinking of me.

I spoke with TC as well on Christmas, he’s excited I’m on my way back over, already planning what we’re going to do. I’m happy playing sugar daddy, I know the gig, let me enjoy this while it lasts.


  1. I’m glad Christmas went well……mine did also.
    Now back to work……poor Sugar Daddies are not in demand.

  2. I wonder what the break up rate for gays is? 70%? after two years? LOL. I think your wife does not want to go of her relationship. It’s hard out there…being single!

  3. Well kudos to you Chris for printing out the alternative perspective for your wife 🙂 Yes it’s that ‘nice lady from the UK’ again. So glad you listened last time.
    But this time, Single Guy, it’s your view I’m gonna have to refute. Sorry, but singledom does not automatically equal loneliness.
    Once I had finally let go of my relationship with my former husband – and it took a long time because my vows had been lifelong intentional – and dealt with my own deeply hurt feelings… well, I loved the single life. And I mean, I really loved being single!
    The freedom, the adventure, the spaciousness, the creativity. I had offers but I certainly wasn’t interested, unless it brought something new to the table, which frankly was already full of very satisfying work, excellent friends, my own house to do up, strengthened family bonds…
    The irony now is that as a new guy is showing up in my life (years later!), my ex-husband is asking all the questions and is in turns angry and tearful telling me I ‘moved on too fast’.
    Go figure 🙂

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