I’m all booked up

Scrappy Doo and I are at dinner last night and email arrives from Eduardo, the similar age to Scrappy Mexican-American who I have some huge crush on, worse, he quickly follows with a text message. Now I have his phone number as well. Eduardo apologized for his lack of reply but he’s just back from Paris, where is moving this summer to go to school. I quickly turn my phone off.  I replied back to him this morning, buying myself some time.

Time for what though? I’m leaving, he’s leaving, I have a full time Scrappy Doo. Just what the hell do you think I’m doing? And what the hell is Eduardo doing? Doesn’t France have Internet? Oui Oui. Why is he replying and texting days later? Oui Oui. What is this some late night booty call? He’s horny, lonely, just had a bad interaction with someone?

Men. We are terrible creatures. I have no business tangling with Eduardo. I am not emotionally available, I am leaving the country. We will be thousands of miles apart. And let’s not forgot Scrappy Doo, he may be small, but he leaves wicked bite marks.

This is classic gay homo man. Get something going and immediately work to fuck it all up. Because we’re never really happy. The mystery of Eduardo is way hotter than the intimate knowledge I have of Scrappy Doo (you have holes in your socks). Long haired, high strung, high maintenance, vegetarian with all sorts of peculiarities.

On the drive back home, I asked Scrappy about his London trip. He spends a lot of time with his former flatmates and I know he has the hots for one of them. I also know the two them engage in some relatively high level flirting. How do I know? Because I know. I questioned Scrappy about this and he didn’t immediately deny it (my recommended defense to almost any situation). Scrappy, a few drinks into him, let on that he finds the flatmate attractive and fun to be with, but (always the but), he doesn’t this guy is for him, too British, too boring, too sedated. I listened, non-emotionally, Scrappy is not different than I.

I am a big fan of simple. Things need to be simple. Don’t worry what around the bend less you forget to live in the current moment.


2 Responses to “I’m all booked up”

  • You are playing with fire…dont break up before Sydney….it will break you up!

  • mark:

    You continually admit that SD is more than enough for you……but like all men love the chase…..that is what Eduardo is and all he is. Acknowledge this fact to yourself and you’ll be fine. You’ll never ever stop flirting, you love it (men/women it doesn’t really make any difference…..accept that now you acknowledge that you’re much more into the “male” persuasion) it makes you feel alive, but don’t let it get in the way of your relationship would be my advise.

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