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I’ll be right back, don’t wait up

Busy week, in cologne Germany, in my new flat, unpacked, found my way around, bla bla who cares. Certainly not me.

Standing at airport check in, tiger cub and I going to Prague for a long weekend. Eastern European boys. Ground zero for Euro porn. Tight white bodies. Home to hot rent boys and cheap beer. Oh yeah, and a bunch of old buildings, I think.

So what you got planned for yourself in Ohio this fine weekend, huh? 🙂

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  1. in good old cleveland i am packing,throwing out,donating,digging plants and enjoying my new found freedom….not quite as glamorous as germany,but will do in a pinch..hope your having a blast and getting settled in your new digs

  2. So how were the hot porn boys??? I was actually a little disappointed with the boys…though I was reliably informed that the guards at Prague Castle are all in porn to make some extra $$. 🙂

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