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If you don’t know me by now

Image313 Thanks for being one of the couple of hundred people who read this each day and to those who comment and follow regularly. I’d probably write even if you weren’t here. But it’s comforting nonetheless.

I need to post a caveat though. If you’ve been following along for the almost 500 postings over 2 years, you’ve developed a mental picture of me (yes I’m hot or maybe not), an opinion of the people in my life (sweet or slutty TC) and an image of the fairy tale setting I’m leading (jet setter that I am).

Unfortunately, you’re probably wrong, I’m not anything like you think, I’m not better or worse. I’m just different. I can empathize with a celebrity (which I’m definitely not) whose fans think they know that person because they saw them on the “Tonight Show” or read some interview in Details magazine. As much as you think you know me, you don’t.

The roots of this blog were simply I was a middle aged married guy facing a serious question and I wanted help and found precious little on this, the Internet. So I write for you, in Grandville, Michigan, who spent at the end of July hours clicking around here, reading each month one by one, visiting every day for one week, never commenting and never visiting since, I hope it helped you. Good luck in your quest.


  1. Hey, Chris:
    Interesting comment. Can anyone truly know another from the flat pages of the internet? I don’t think so – it’s one of the blessings and curses of the medium. However, for those who have gone through what you’re going through (me), or for those who are currently going through it, or for those who may be considering it, you are everyman. You’re a piece of all of us, just one who has the guts and honesty to put some of his deepest feelings down for others to read. I don’t think it matters if you’re handsome or ordinary, fit or average, smart or of average intelligence, writing on these pages helps you sort things out, helps others perhaps find a path, or maybe helps others from going down a path. I applaud you for your willingness to share the experience, and for each of us, you are a concoction of our imaginations! In mine, you’re hot, sexy, fit and incredibly intelligent. Now don’t ruin that for me!!

  2. Ummmm, there seems to be a post which has gone missing…hmmm, wonder what that means… ??? 🙂

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