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Last night, in bed, I’m dozing off, my wife settled in beside me. Nite nite. Suddenly, from the darkness, she exclaims, “I want an answer on my draft contract before you leave town again”. She’s referring to her agreement to allow me to have extramartial relationships with guys. The 2 page document is below.

I need help. An when I need help, I go to the source of supreme knowledge, that would be Prof. Tim in Chicago. I don’t know whether it’s his midwestern matter of fact balanced attitude or his short and to the point responses that irritate me more. Either way, if I’m a good boy, we get to talk about our mutual passion for Latinos at the end of the lecture.

“Chris – this is a now or later situation”, he starts to turn over the cards. “I don’t think there is any going back at this point. You don’t appear to be happy just with hook-ups. In some period of time, you’re going to find someone. Someone you like. Someone you care about. Someone you want a relationship with. Then what?”. I’m not happy with the way the conversation is headed.

“The then what, you’re going to have to leave your wife, make a choice and you appear to have already made your choice.” Prof Tim acknowledges I’m disappearing to Europe for some period, out of sight, out of mind and perhaps the holiday season isn’t the best time to be exploding an entire family. So I’m going to agree with the damn contract, for now at least.


  1. wow. i couldnt sign it but i guess i understand where she is coming from because of the kids. i dont know how youll be able not not get attached to someone you like unless you do the random hookup thing.

  2. i’m following your saga with the contract — but i don’t have advice to give. i’m married and gay, too, and my cynical humor won’t help either of us.
    so good luck with that contract thing, lol.
    but why is that our wives bring this up at bedtime? it’s become my most fearful time of day.

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