Our weekly therapy session was yesterday. My wife and I go in, sit across from each other, I used to start, now she does.

She is all calm walking into the room, the minute the door is shut, she launches into a sea of anger about all the crap I’ve done in the last week. I’m one busy MOFO according to her. I hope this is helping my wife, not sure it’s helping me much anymore.

At some point you have to decide what you’re going to do and just get on with it. I hope that point is soon, I kinda of feel it is.

During the session, the therapist (a women) turns to me and asks "Are you gay?" What??? "Of course I’m f**king gay", I reply, "I’m sleeping with men, how much more gay can I be?"

This was the first time I said the words, "I’m gay", it actually felt pretty good, a sense of self and empowerment. Now we’ll see if I can make it stick.