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I need a new puppy

TC slept at his old flatmates last night, I went into “his” bedroom and got the sh*t scared out of me (see photo). F*cker had set up a mannequin in the bed. He’s gonna pay for that. My chat with him must have had some impact, he called this morning to tell me he was on his way home, a first.

So where do you meet people? I’m still struggling with that. Clearly not purely a gay thing. Nice people are always hard to find for some reason. I got on – I know it’s clearly a hookup scene, 1800 guys in London online. I posted my profile, threw my hook in the water and found a cute 27 yo Asian student who had posted a nice non-nudity profile of himself saying he was “looking to meet new people” and “please don’t send me photos of your cock”. Sounds perfect. I write him a note, he quickly replies and almost as quickly sends me his MSN handle.

Now I’ve never chatted online with anyone that I didn’t know before.  But WTF. He doesn’t say much other than he would be open to meeting for a drink. Sounds perfect to me. I offer up time/place and then just as quickly no more replies.  The line goes dead. OK.

Carlos, my Columbian friend, rang and I zip off to a Mexican taqueria in Notting Hill. Walking in, nothing but Latinos working, my jaw drops at the young brown bartender, I realize I need a new puppy badly. I know where I’m taking Prof. Tim when he visits. :-). Carlos is still in search of a mate and trying new avenues as well. Good, you can’t stop trying.

I’m a little sad. I realize that despite all that TC isn’t, we still have great fun together. But I can only help him if he wants help, you gotta make the initial effort yourself. So I’m resigned I will have to search out a new mate. Let the hunt begin.


  1. Sweety. Wish I was there to give you a hug. And talk. I thought you’re honeymood would last longer:(

  2. Wake up and realize what you have? Come on! If you aren’t happy with the status quo, you change it… you don’t stay with someone because they are a “good catch”. That’s like moving to the “in” neighborhood when you really like living in the country. You won’t ever truly be happy there.
    And we wonder why relationships don’t work? Its because we think “This is as good as it’s going to get!”
    Chris, if you are happy knowing you will have to raise TC (because, let’s face it he’s got some growing up to do), then stick with it, but if you want a grown up relationship, date grown ups. (btdt)

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