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Gay married man coming out story

I made it almost 4 days

It is 9:15 a.m. and I’m sitting in the office of the CEO of my new company, a 3000 employee technology company. He’s ‘heard’ about me and wanted to meet. Thumbing thru my resume he concludes, “I don’t get involved in hiring decisions but I certainly wouldn’t have hired you”. Thank you for your confidence in me. “WTF do we have you doing? I’ve got a better job I want you to do for us”. He proceeds to layout a globe trotting role for a new initiative and he concludes, “you’ve got all the skills to make it happen for us“. I had previously said I would keep my mouth shut, do my little job and come home. I failed in a mere 4 days.

Meanwhile, my phone is vibrating in my pocket. It’s TC, in Paris, he is looking at a bird in the park across from the hostel and he wanted to tell me about how beautiful it is. What a study in contrasts.

I am working with a bunch of good ole boys and later that night a group of us head out for dinner at Bone Daddies BBQ in Dallas. Think of cross between a Hooters and a strip club. It’s full of guys eating BBQ and half naked woman smelling of that cheap perfume that hangs on your clothing and body glitter. Big breasted, young girls, they’ll come sit in the booth with you when they serve the food.  My work colleagues, middle aged men, dumpy wives at home with a mini-van are all ga ga.

I must admit I definitely check out the woman and of course plenty of boys to look at as well. But I’m not sure how I need to behave. For now, I’m a married man with two teen age boys. No one needs to know anything about nothing. But the industry is a small world, people talk, especially when the gossip is good and no doubt with time some rumour about me might well emerge.

Homos in business work in the call center, or they’re low level marketing queens working with a bunch of bitches. That’s the expected role of queers in business. Woman who do well, have figured out how to hang with the boys. I clearly don’t like to have dual lives, but at least for now that how it’s gonna roll.


  1. Augh! My gay eyeballs are burning. Chris, a little warning if you are going to post pictures of girls. So what does this mean? Your new globe-trotting duties going to be in the way of settling plans to be with TC? Maybe he can trot along with you if the pay is that enticing.

  2. Congrats on the new job! it sounds like you will be globe trotting soon!

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