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Gay married man coming out story

I love you, strong letter to follow

Most businesses have some sort of seasonality to them, often for unexplainable reasons, married homos wanting to break out of the yard seem to have a pattern. Right now it’s holiday season for married homos.

I am drowning in email from you fruits. These emails aren’t a tidy “Hi, I’m Bob in Boston, thanks for your writing“. No. Fuck no. They’re the gay equivalent of War n’ Peace. Long and tortuous, an attempt to tell your whole story in a single breath.

I could simply reply back “thanks back at you”, but that’s really not my style. I read and re-read and even if my reply is short, at least I throughly read and comprehended what you were trying to say (recognizing that I refer to the 6th grade as my senior year). Remember your call is important to me, please hold for the next available agent.

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  1. That’s funny! From a fruit in that position, its also much appreciated. Bthe blog is a lifeline, really. Married gays are a different group I think from just plane ol homos.


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