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I arrived in our Texas office, one of the VPs quickly pulled me into his office. “Did you hear him talking about you?”, he asked. He who, I asked. The CEO had an all hands call on Friday to announce the quarterly results and in his discussion he had addressed my role in the company as one of the key new objectives. What time was that? Yeah, I was probably all curled up with TC at that hour. I don’t do big conference calls (remember my rule, if the call can start without me, I don’t join it).

I have already made a number of people nervous. So much so the CEO felt he needed to tell the whole company.  I ask innocent questions, “What do you do and why do I care?”.  It’s amazing how people struggle with answering simple questions. If you can’t answer the question, I’d be worried someone like me is gonna find you. I get flowery answers, charts, vague descriptions and anger. All from a few simple questions. In the end, the real you is uncovered.

I, too, struggled with answers to simple questions. One poor blogger recently wrote that he’s reconciled with his wife, praying the gay away, not that important, so he says. I’m waiting for the PowerPoint charts. Maybe we should organize an offsite to discuss further.

In the scheme of things, we all desire to make things more complicated. Life can’t be simple. But yet it is. I think you have to figure out who you are and simple accept it. If you only had 3 lines to describe yourself, what would you write? We have this desire to be perfect. Perfect body, perfect personality, the perfect person. But we’re not, you’re not, I’m not. You see my flaws all too easily, but do you see your own?

Continuing to read the book, Renewal, and another key point I am taking away is that we must all learn to accept ourselves. Accept ourselves for who we are, where we are and acceptance for what we may have done in the past. What is most important is who we will be in the future, where we shall be and what we will have accomplished. It is never too late to change, never too late to try. None of us can undo the past, yet we spend countless hours worried about it, forsaking the hours spent investing in the future.

I think about the shit I write. I think about the questions I ask others. Mainly I think about the questions I ask myself.

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  1. Chris – so does this mean you are going to take the job over settling down with TC?

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