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I hate him

I’ve been back in DC working from home the last few days. I’m going nuts. On the phone all day. I want to get out the apartment. But where and with whom. Maybe I should go out for a drinkie? What say? TC, sharpened claws glistening in the setting sun, “Chris, fine, do what you want, go out, have a few drinks, find the only Asian for miles, start a friendly chat, a little paw action and then you’ll come running home your tail beneath your legs. I don’t care, do whatever you want.”

For those of you who have been married the “do whatever you want” roughly translates into if you do it, I will kill you and you won’t get any sex for 2 months.  I hate it when he lets me do whatever I want. I’m screwed. I need to get out of the house. Thus the cycle continues.

In other news, TC has procured a new Canadian Goose jacket that is worthy of his wearing. Huge surprise, the one he got is more expensive than the original one. Knock me down with a feather. TC has not let slide the description posted on the Canada-Goose website of what he/we/I had originally purchased.

This particular jacket was made to fit Japanese consumers so it incorporates a slightly trimmer and slimmer fit than our other jackets.

What? How the hell was I supposed to know it was designed specifically for Asian rent boys? Gez. I can’t help it I know what I like. In jackets I mean. I get that disappointing look from him. Bad dog.


  1. Suck-it up….you’ve picked this very cute & asute “chap”….now go with the flow….it means your wanted….which is what 95% of the population claims to want… now you have to figure out how to piece these fractions in your life….its time….

  2. Chris: You hate him only because he knows you so well and can push your buttons. Like I said before, you may not be divorced yet but you already have a second wife.

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