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I graduated

Image399 I think I can officially say I’m a proud graduate of Queer College. With all the sh*t happening around me, I’m actually quite happy about the things I’ve learned in the last 2 years. I was re-reading sections of the blog, both good and bad memories. All experiences, though, to be remembered.

I’ve learned that I’m a one horse rider, not going to date a bunch of people and it’s going to be serious quickly or it’s not going to be. That I value intimacy over sex, hook-ups don’t really rotate my gyros. Intimacy though takes time and you have to allow for it. I want to feel the genuine love from my partner and in return I’ll tolerate all kinds of drama. I want some innocence and a wide-eyed look in their eyes about the world around them. It doesn’t matter how old or young they are, as long as they’re young at heart.

I’ve also realized that making a mental list of the characteristics of the person I’m looking for it is pointless. It’s how you feel with them is all that matters. Finally, if they’re light brown, medium build and long black hair, well f*ck all the rules, they were just guidlelines anyways. 🙂

TC comes back from New York on Friday and I hope by then to have a better sense of things in my life. But he’s got to carry his own load, make his own decisions, do his share of the work. He knows it and hates it when we have these parental discussions. But they’re not parental discussions. Your parents will always love you. I, on the other hand, may not.


  1. I suspect that this graduation was “cum” laudi.
    You have indeed come a long way in the past two years…’s queer cheers for you.

  2. I’m so glad you and the cub are back together again (you had me worried there when you came back from NYC by yourself, long train ride, in a huff, and all because the Cub snubbed you. He’s a cub, what do you expect? Be good to him. After all, you are the father figure in this realationship, so be supportive, nurturing, compassionate, loving, a good partner — even if he has no clue what any of that means. He’ll grow up, eventually. In the meantime, think of all the yummy fresh brown meat you get to taste.

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