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Image349 Well fellas, I've run out of things to say. I started blogging mainly to discuss my personal "coming out" experience as a self-help to me and to help others who find themselves in a similar situation.

So here I be, out to my wife, out of the house and living with TC in lovely Cologne, Germany. Game, set, match. Clearly going forward I will have continued issues with telling people about "me". I may have love interests that come and go. But that's just another day in the world of a gay man. I've got to end my marriage on a proper note. But people get amicably divorced every day, so while sad, it's nothing new or tragic. It's just life and it will go on.

Years ago, I was talking to one of our board members who happened to be one of the original partners of McKinsey & Company, probably the premier management consulting company in the world. I asked a simple question at dinner one night, "what's the single most common mistake managers make?". Without hesitation he answered, "managers fail because they do not act on the information they have".

This simple statement with absolute clarity should be a guide for anyone confronting their own sexuality. I, myself, found I was constantly looking for more information, experiences and input from others, when in fact, had I simply acted on the data in hand, I would have made much faster progress.

If you're having to read this blog, I'm sorry you're queer. The good news is the world actually doesn't give a sh*t. So quit acting like it does. The faster you move through the gray transition area, the happier you will be, though on the whole I think gay guys have a lot more emotional turmoil and probably for good reason. Months ago I wrote this checklist that is still valid.

I'm off to Belgium tomorrow and then on to the US Wednesday. Tiger Cub upstairs watching Cartoon Network. I'm trying to finish a work presentation. But then again, you really don't give a sh*t, now do you?

Ref this photo, no, you didn't hear me growling in the background.

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  1. Oh but I did…..and I also heard a wolf whistle.

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