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So Elliot, the blogger for Daily Briefing, texts me yesterday, “You wanna go to dinner?”. I guess he’s read about me meeting the Single in the City guy (he’s sooo cute, Quiero estar contigo para siempre!) and since I didn’t turn out to be the DC Chain Saw Murderer, Elliot felt comfortable getting together. So we booked a restaurant in burbs.

I was a bit apprehensive. Both of us have our personality charts on our blog that indicate we’re 180 degrees out of phase. I worried I might over whelm him. Thank goodness for prescription drugs.

Elliot arrives and my first impression, he’s just a normal guy. Most of the guys I’ve meet so far just scream fag. The voice, the dress, the mannerisms just tell me who they are. I’m not put off by that and as you well know I like guys who tend to have a softer side. I come off as a straight guy, though last night I was wearing Prada shoes (oops).

10 minutes, 1 drink, we’re chatting away and I mean, he’s chatting about his story. I’m in awe, my new hero. He’s pragmatic and figured out he was gay, told his wife and family and now calmly working thru the details. He did all this with little prior sexually exploit. He just knew and knew he had to do the right thing. Wow, I am impressed. I fully believe you can suck up to 10 cocks and not be gay so I’m still under the limit, baby!

He’s done a bunch of online chat stuff, seen the weird disappearing acts, strange communications and yes, he’s been hurt by guys already. But he limits his hurt and cuts things off the second things get dicey. I have found my new coach.

Similar to me, he’s looking for a relationship and with a full confidence feels there are guys like himself out there, hiding in chat rooms, waiting to be found. Just talking to him gave me hope.

We talk about how we got here and despite differences (I have kids, he doesn’t), found a number of similarities. I’m feeling Elliot is a whole bunch brighter than I am so I pose the question, “What would you do if you were me?“. A pregnant pause. “Your situation is difficult, kids are involved, quite a bit more complex, there is no clear answer, you appear to be doing the best you can, the answer will come”.

Damn. I was so close to. We’ll get together again, I enjoyed meeting him.


  1. Chris,
    Keep accumulating gay friends. Guys you can go out to lunch with or to a movie…….you’re not alone anymore.

  2. it was great meeting you too =)

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