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I feel your pain

Hello to you at Southwest Cyperport in Alburquerque, New Mexico. There you are after almost 9 hours of reading this blog on your MacIntosh computer, reading page after page, screen resolution 1920 x 1200, thankfully you're Javascript enabled. My Oracle database in the sky carefully recording each click, I see you, I feel your pain, I do indeed.

I write for you, the unknown, a mere IP address, someone I will never meet. I hope that my story helps you, I hope that you know someone cares. I care about you, I hope that you are well, I trust you own personal situation will avoid the pitfalls that I have found and aspire to the heights to which I feel I have risen. But mainly, I hope you will find your way.

There is indeed a way forward, it is not without pitfalls, challenges or disaster, but sadly it is the way you must travel. You will travel alone for a short while, longer if you desire, the choice entirely your own. I have, myself, not reached the final destination but I see the city lights ahead and while these lights glow in a non-familiar way, it does not mean I will not be welcome.

Younger gays guys may not relate to this, "what's the big deal?", others amongst you will resound in a chorus, a sound of understanding. But tonight, there is someone amongst us struggling to figure this all out. I've never been to Alburquerque, but I wish I were there tonight to help you. Good luck, I'm here for you, others are as well.


  1. That’s right, there are a lot of us going this journey, each in our own way……if you chose to blog about it, we’ll read about it an commit……just ask Chris.

  2. Well that was startling.
    Your blog was like a novel I couldn’t put down, by turns heartwarming and appalling (He’s a Republican???!!!). It was a good read.
    I’ll admit my face reddened when I saw my town, ISP and computer model in your lede. I never had a novel do that before! What else do you know about me? Damn Javascript!
    I look forward to hearing how your apartment venture with TC goes.
    Good luck

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