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I feel it in my toes

Folks, I’m going bye bye. I’ll might send you a post card, but most likely I’m gonna forget to write. Wheels up tomorrow night, Europe is my destination. I’ve got 10 pairs of underwear which should last me at last 40 days. I may give you goons a hint of what I’m up to. But it seems I’ve traded one married life for another. And that suits me just fine.

My wife invited me to a home cooked meal and I was busying myself replacing the carbon brushes on the household vacuum¬†cleaning motor. I don’t know dick about flower arranging or coordinating colors, but if you need something electrical, I’m your man. I come back in and my wife is busy chatting on my phone. It’s TC of course. Chattering away they are laughing about stuff. My wife is telling him about the infrared thermometer I’d bought to look for insulation problem and what kind of a geek I am. More yuck yucks follow. Screw’em both.

But back away a bit and you can see how lucky I am. While things haven’t fully worked out, they’ve worked out well enough.

I dashed into the city to meet up with the event organizer, Bob. We’re chatting. He’s telling me he’s had only 2 serious relationships both self-destructive and both only for a few years in duration. He can’t figure it out. He bemoans the games gays play, but his phone chirps up, he looks at the display and ignores it. “Oh, it’s this guy, we’ve been kinda of dating and but he’s dating others as well, he doesn’t make time for me”. Seems he was trying to make time right then with the text message. This ain’t no twink, he’s 47 years old. ¬†Single Guy bemoans his continued status and as well focuses on the bottomless pit of gay dating.

I realized the other day that many gays simply have no reference model. They’ve never had any long term relationship. Have no clue what that really means, how they get started or maintained. Yet seemingly have loads of advice for others to follow. Go figure.

Bob’s parents have been married for over 50 years.I asked him, are they happy? “Oh yes, they adore each other, they rarely quarrel?”. So have you asked your parents what their secret is? He look dumbfounded, “why no, but that’s a really great question”. Me, master of the obvious I am indeed.

Can I make suggestion? Cut all the fucking bullshit. Not more texting. No more happy IM’ing. How about a telephone call that leads to a meeting. Ask them if they’re tired of jerking themselves off and wanna try a new guaranteed not to fail method. Try it out.

Meanwhile, TC is prancing around on Skype video showing me his new luggage, 4 wheels, spinning it all around. Just what I need a spinner.

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  1. Have a wonderful trip……write when you can.

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