Stuck in Denver (United Airlines, the one entity that can screw me whenever they want), I dash off an email to Eduardo. Brief hi, couple of lines of what I’ve been up to, wished him well, end of note. I really don’t expect a reply. Not sure why I even bothered or even what my purpose was. I like him, still do, but what’s the point? I thrive on rejection, it’s around me all day, I just persist, it’s what I do.

I’m wondering what he thought when he got it? Deleted it immediately? Read it, thought this guy is creepy? Read it, wondered whether he should respond? Read it and got some satisfaction that somebody is still chasing him? Hot that he is (sic). I don’t feel bad either way.

This a.m. my phone chirping incoming text message, “Good Morning” with a Chicago telephone number. No idea who. I dig back thru my phone records, it’s Richard, my 22 yo Chicago friend. I’d deleted him from my directory. I haven’t spoken or heard from him since he pulled his disappearing act in Chicago the middle of August. He just vanished.

So why does he resurface? Why the cryptic text message? Why not just call? I’m thinking DNDC, don’t know, don’t care. It hits me then, perhaps Eduardo is DNDC about me.

Such is life, getting two people on the same wavelength is god awful hard. I’m not going to stop trying, good people are hard to find.