I’ve been seeing (and I’ll use the term loosely as you’ll see) Conner over the last couple of weeks. He’s 34, right down my type range, very laid back (as opposed to me), he has a day job and works 2 day/nights a week as a host at a nearby restaurant. He’s obviously working hard to make ends meet.

Conner is tight with his best friend (and his boyfriend) and sees them quite often. The problem is Conner is very tough for me to see.  My expectations are low, getting to know someone takes time, but I’d clearly like to see him once or twice a week. Is that too much?

Conner calls and texts me pretty regularly but he’s tough to nail down. To some extent, I’ve stopped trying. For example, yesterday morning at 11, I sent a text message asking him how a Saturday birthday party went, he sent several replies back concluding with “Can we hang out later today?” I replied great, let me know. The lack of a time/location for this “hang out” troubles me but I go with the flow.

Afternoon wears into evening, no Conner. So at 11 p.m. last night my phone rings, it’s Conner, I don’t hide, I take all calls if I can. He’s with (big f*cking surprise) his best friend (and BF) “just hanging out”. I’m trying to be casual but Conner asks “what’s wrong”. I fumble some excuse about work and quickly end the call.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what this guy is up to. Why bother to call me, what’s the point? I have a number of buttons on me that you shouldn’t push, being disrespectful of my time is one of them. So playing the odds, I’m discarding this one.