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My blogging is sadly is going to have to take a backseat for a while. New job, I’m at 110% power, one colleague said that my title should be Chief Troublemaker, I’m kicking up a shit storm and the CEO seems happy. It will be a balance, causing trouble must equate to moving the boat forward and that’s what I’ll ultimately be judged on.

There’s plenty of material here for a new reader to sort through. It may certainly raise more questions than it answers, but mixed in I think you’ll find some answers as well. If you identify with me in some way the better. I’m a normal guy, not twisted in any way, not obsessed with studying the lint in my naval and not desirous of having some non-stop sexual escapade.

TC is the little brown tiger who has stuck by me though we’re 700 miles away from each other, we’re working a plan to make it work and I think we’re happy with that. Not that we’re riding off into the sunset, I’m sure there will be plenty of trouble. He’s queer as a three dollar bill and brings with him all the gay drama of an off-Broadway production. But I’m a old fuddy duddy as well, stuck in my ways, equally difficult and just annoying. But if we take turns looking through each of our binoculars of life, perhaps we will continue to adjust ourselves to one another and live long and prosper.

As you will or have read, the gay community is different than the rest of society. It’s neither better or worse. But you will likely be as overly sensitive as I was/am and this place takes on a whole new definition of the word bizarre. I can’t change the place but neither do I have to play by the rules. Sadly, I am an outcast in both worlds and you know what, that’s fine by me, recognizing that everybody is somebody else’s weirdo.

But along the way, you, like me, are likely to meet that right person and if you feel it, you must go for it at all costs. Had I not been at that airport baggage claim at that hour, or walked along that street in front of the train station or gone to that bar at exactly that moment – I never would have met TC. If he hadn’t innocently called me a month later and I hadn’t immediately jumped on a plane – our relationship may not have sparked. If my job hadn’t led me to London at exactly that time, we would never have lived together. But it did and we did.

Reading that paragraph, you suddenly realize how accidental our entire lives are. But you must be open and even more so in the gay world, the statistics are working against you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


  1. Are you taking a break or what??? That’s good to hear about the job though!

  2. Chris: So does this mean your crush on Single Guy is over if you aren’t going to write about him any more?

  3. He so does not have a crush on me!

  4. its amazing the content you find on online dating sites…

    “But along the way, you, like me, are likely to meet that right person and if you feel it, you must go for it at all costs” sooo true… me and my partner got into a car accident, opposite cars, and our love flourished from a terrible ordeal…. thank you for the post

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