Prof. Tim is dutifully listening to me and my travels this week. “Chris – you rapidly psychoanalyze people, you’re good at it but it can be a bit discomforting especially if that person is already a bit insecure. Dial it back a bit, you’ll be fine”, he concludes.

In office meeting today, a colleague lambasting me for “lasering” people. “You quickly hone in on someone’s deepest darkest secret and shred them to your advantage. It’s amazing to watch.” It generates a good chuckle amongst the group, but I realize using my professional skills in my personal life may not be such a good idea.

Brian (my now never present therapist) had said, some folks simply aren’t comfortable allowing others to know them, and clearly not at the speed which I move.  I unhinged Daniel, I took my can opener and pried him open and out poured this incredibly beautiful creature. Emotionally naked in front of a stranger (me), already a bit insecure, it’s no wonder he went running down the street.

So Daniel, I’m sorry, my motives were genuine, my timing poor.