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Gay married man coming out story

I am trying to be good, really I am

I have been overwhelmed with the guys sending me notes from the online service. The majority are like really young < 25. Some seem quite cute and sincere, others clearly have only a passing interest. No matter, I’m in the land of Asians and this isn’t good for me alone. The majority of Asians are quite polite, they will also smile and chat , at least for a minute, and if they’re interested in you longer. Mostly they don’t make the first move and since I’m pretty good at talking to inanimate objects. Well.

Worse, they like the older guy or kinda of older guy. I was walking down the street last night when a gaggle of 3 little Hong Kongese boys (like 23 years old) past me and I got ‘that’ vibe. I walked 5 more steps and turned around and they had all stopped and were checking me out. That’s it! I called them on it and walked back down the street to them. Their eyes were as big as saucers. “All right you homos want do you want and more importantly do I have take all 3 of you on at once”. Like little school girls they giggled, starring up at my 6″2″ height. Having said 2 witty things, they promptly invited me to go with them to a Hookah lounge. Dare I? No, I’m a good boy or daddy rather.

Prof. Tim (back in Chicago) has previously been my Gay Ann Landers, solid advice, careful positioning. Well since he and his partner have broken up, it’s whore time for everyone. His recommendation is to go for the bad boys, stay away from the one I normally seek (sincere, sweet) and tell them I’m married (which is true). “All gay guys get turned up by the thought of further corrupting a married guy”. Great, just fucking great.

Meanwhile, my border collie (otherwise knows as Scrappy) smells soy sauce in the air, he is alternatively pleading me to go home, be good, followed by we’re broke up, do what you want. I called him on his passive aggressive behaviour and he snapped “it’s what I do, so get used to it”. He softened up a bit after that, he misses his old man and he has his entire tactical arsenal out. This continued with his bed check phone calls until he was absolutely assured I was safely latched in my bed cupboard for the night.

I am trying to be good. I am. Intellectually I know this is all bad. But guys can think with their dicks (or do).  Someone fending even the mildest of interest, “ah I like your hair”, can twirl your twizzle stick. Worse for me is that there are a lot insecure younger men  sincerely looking for a zen master, all to happy to love, honor and respect you (or your twizzle stick).

I attribute my behaviour to just being a gay. I love Scrappy. I never get tired of being with him. We fight and scratch sometimes, but there is plenty of purring going on. He’s terribly cute, my friends and family love him and he absolutely is 100% committed to me. No joke, when we ‘re not together, he’ll call 15-20x a day. Short blips that mostly say, I miss you. It’s fucking sickening isn’t it. We all want that. So why is the old man sniffing the night time air?

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  1. You like playing with fire! LOL…

    But what you have is special..many gay single guys (me included) would like to have that type of intimate relationship.:)

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