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I almost see Charlie’s

Sunday night, I sneak away at 9 p.m. from evening hotel reception. Ha! I’m going to Charlie’s. Everyone has told me I should go by, it’s country/western gay bar. I’m not a fan but don’t wanna miss it on my gay tourist venture. Now I know why. Passing it on Camelback Road, it looks like a shopping mall replent with a huge car park.

Entering, I chat up the cute young door guy outfitted with a cowboy hat. I’m thinking maybe I do wanna get a ranch with some horsies after all. I procure one of the $2 Long Island ice teas and begin to wander the cavernous space. I notice an aging twink I’d seen the other night at BS West (whole nother story) and pause to say hello. Drag show tonight. I keep wandering.

Thru an open door I’m now outside on the patio. Wow. Mixed group of people and clearly some cute young guys. I’m looking out of place for sure, but hey I’m a tourist. An open window in the back where a small Latina lady is handing food out. Mexican food in a gay bar, I’m loving it. Standing by the food window, I’m immediately taken by 2 guys who are clearly drunk or stoned. The younger of the 2 is horribly cute. He’s not Mexican. Worse, he’s got a Hawaiian look with slight Asian features, big well toned surfer body, perfect skin. He’s eyeing me. I’m already on it. His older friend is laughing. Talk ensues. Brandon is 30 and from LA. His friend is 47, looks great.

Well folks, 15 minutes later, we’re leaving for Brandon’s place (couple of blocks away). His older friend’s BF picks him up in about 15 minutes and we’re alone just the 2 of us. Brandon’s just moved in to this little house, he’s a vet assistant and has a dog and cat. Broad shoulders, soft skins, he’s a delight.

I spend the night. Not restful. The purring cat is trying to sit on my head the entire time and the dog (also cute) was licking my feet and trying to get in the bed with us. I don’t think I slept much. I didn’t see Charlie’s either.

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  1. So are you going to live on the “down low” for now?

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